2024 On-campus TOEIC Listening and Reading (LR) Test


Exam Date Saturday, April 27, 2024
Exam time 09:30-12:00 (After 09:30, you will be considered late and will not be admitted to the examination)
Test Subjects THU faculty, staff, and current students
Venue As Admission Ticket. You can download it from the TOEIC Registration Website.
Important Dates Read the attached "Important Dates" & "Test Regulations (Link)"
Registration Link Sign-up HERE
Application Deadline Jan. 15 to March 21, 2024 (Extended to March 26)
Fee THU Discount: NT$ 1,210
Test Information This test does not send out paper test information, please check Test Information on the TOEIC website 5 days before the test.
Notice for the Exam

1. On the day of the test, please ensure that you bring with you an acceptable form of identification, medium-soft pencils (2B), and erasers.

2. Acceptable forms of identification include:

(1) R.O.C. citizens A.Test takers of 16 years and above: R.O.C. identity card or valid passport. Copies are not accepted. B.Test takers younger than 16 years: R.O.C. identification card, valid passport, or health insurance IC card.

(2) Foreign nationals Valid passport or ARC with passport number. Copies are not accepted.

(3) Hong Kong and Macao residents Valid passport with passport number. Copies are not accepted.

(4) PRC residents Valid PRC Resident Identity Card in the original.

(5) If you fail to bring an acceptable form of identification, you will be given temporary access to the test under the following conditions

A. You may be given temporary access to the test if you can present a temporary form of identification. A family member or friend must bring your acceptable form of identification (R.O.C. identity card or valid passport only) to the test site before the end of the test. If your identity can be unmistakably established in this way, you are considered to have entered the test with acceptable ID according to regulations. If this is not the case, your test will not be scored. The test fee will not be refunded, nor can the test be rescheduled.

B.Temporary acceptable ID must be in card format and include all of the following: photo, name, R.O.C. identity card number, date of birth.

3. On entering the test site, you must present a valid ID. In order for you to be admitted to the test, the information on the ID must match the information you gave upon registration.


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