• Electives English

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★ 113-1 課程清單 (The Course List for the Fall Semester of 2024-2025 Academic Year) (How to take 113-1 ELC Elective classes)

  • 3711 中級口語:成語及俗語的加強(Intermediate Oral: Focusing on Idiomatic and Colloquial Expressions)—陳中漢 老師
  • 3712 線上英語簡報技巧(Online English Presentation Skills)—陳南妤 老師
  • 3714 從美劇及電影對話學習生活英語(Everyday English through American Television and Film Dialogue Scenes)—Michael Grosso 老師
  • 3715 從耶穌的比喻故事學英文(Parables of Jesus: Learning English through Life Lessons from the Master Teacher)—Jonathan Brian Walter Hayes 老師
  • 3716 每日美語(Everyday American Conversation)—幸雅各 老師
  • 3717 文化萬花筒 (中高級英文)(Culture Matters (Upper-Intermediate English))—Amanda Parmley Wu 老師
  • 3718 實用旅遊英語(English for Travel)—羅正佳 老師
  • 3719 網路學英語(Practicing English with the Internet)—John Waldrop 老師
  • 3720 笑話聽讀講輕鬆學英文(Learning English through Jokes)—陳順龍 老師