• Sophomore English (Modules)

The Sophomore English for Non-Majors (SENM) program is a student-centered module-based program which offers students choices and interactive classes. The program encourages students to tailor their English learning to their specific needs and interests by offering four semester-based modules:
How to take 113-1 Sophomore English classes)
(1) English for Multiculturalism: This module provides students with opportunities to experience different cultural phenomena. It helps students to cultivate multiple global perspectives and to prepare them to be global citizens. 
  • Cultural Awareness through Reading (遇見閱讀,喚醒文化意識)
  • Joking Around (西洋哈哈鏡) 
  • Diverse Thinking in the Modern World (近代世界,多元思考) 
  • Culture and Diversity in the 21st Century (21世紀多元文化觀)
  • Contemporary Global Issues (與世界接軌-當代國際議題)
  • Reading and Listening for Africa (深入多元文化:認識豐富的非洲)
  • Rethinking Culture and Technology (你的觀點-文化與科技的再想像)
  • Real Stories of Real People Around the World (世界真人真事)
  • When in Rome: World Etiquette (入境隨俗:國際禮儀)
  • Intercultural Communication Adventure (跨文化溝通與世界公民意識)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Activities (跨文化活動)
  • Multiculturalism in Shakespeare’s Plays(莎士比亞戲劇之多元文化)
  • When Travel Meets Culture(當旅遊遇上文化)
  • Cultural Diversity in Life and Workplace(生活與職場的多元文化)
  • Cross Culture Communication in Mass Media(視覺媒體中的跨文化溝通)
  • Music and Culture(音樂與文化)
 (2) English for Self-Expression Skills: This module enhances students’ oral presentation techniques. It also helps students to improve their listening skills and boost their confidence in public speaking.
  • Basic Skills for Self- Expression (自我表達的基本技能)
  • Basis Skills for Self-Expression (自我表達基本能力)
  • Critical Thinking via Task-Based Activities (獨立思考動動腦)
  • English Presentation Skills 101 (輕鬆掌握英文簡報技巧) 
  • Basic Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (簡報演説入門班)
  • Thematic Presentations (議題簡報看世界)
  • Time to Speak up! Find Your Voice in English (開講囉!英語聲友會)
  • Present Your Ideas in English(有亮點的自我表達技巧)
  • English for Self Expression(自我表達完全攻略)
  • Present Your Ideas in English (表現自己:用英語談天說地)
  • Everyday English(日常英語)
  • Rethinking Culture and Technology(你的觀點-文化與科技的再想像)
  • The Stage is my World: Short Talks in English(我的伸展台:有趣的英文報告)
  • Effective English Self-Expression Strategies(有效英語自我表達策略)
  • Express Yourself!(自由自在,享受自我表達!)
    Class Presentation Skills for Beginners(給初學者的課堂簡報課)
(3) English for Career and Profession: This module focuses on different specialized fields such as business English, technical English, or English for tourism. It helps students to increase their professional competence in English and to prepare them for jobs of the future.
  • English for the Workplace (職場英文)
  • Workplace English 101 (職場生存英文入門)
  • English for Engineering (科技英文)
  • Office Survival (辦公室生存記)
  • English for Technology & Applications (科技英文與應用) 
  • English for Business Communication (英語商務溝通)
  • Problem Solving in the Workplace (職場問題一把罩) 
  • English Language Skills for Business (商業用英語技能) 
  • English for Career Development (職涯規劃超前部署)
  • English for Careers (職場溜英文)
  • Exploring Your Career in English thru Multimedia (運用多媒體探索職涯學習英文)
  • Mind Your Business(商務英語大進擊)
  • English for Your Career (Basic)(基礎職場英文)
  • English for Surviving the Workplace(拒絕職場菜英文)
  • A jump start to master business English(職場英文先修班) 
(4) English for Daily Communication: This module emphasizes real-life English for effective communication. It provides conversation models and practices for a variety of common scenarios in everyday life. Apart from daily-life vocabulary, frequently-used colloquial and idiomatic expressions are the two major language components covered.
  • Everyday English(日常英語) 
  • Daily Communication Made Easy(英語會話易開口) 
  • English through American Television Dialogue (美劇對話學英文) 
  • Everyday English: Sharing Stories (生活英語:分享故事) 
  • Communicating with People from Western Cultures (英語通四海) 
  • Expressing Ideas in English (Basic) (基礎英語表達) 
  • Speak out Loud (放膽說英語)
  • Learn English Communication the Smart Way (英語溝通,聰明學)
  • Find Your Voice (英語大聲公) 
  • English for Self-Guided Tourists (自助旅行英語快易通) 
  • Speak English! Easy to Learn (說英語:很簡單!) 
  • English for International Travelers (旅遊英文) 
  • Daily Oral: the Magic of Fixed Expressions (日常口語:英文片語的魔力)
  • English for Daily Life (用英文享生活)
  • Let's Talk about Music(學英語談音樂)
  • Communication Skills for Real-Life English(戰勝日常溝通,聊出英文力)
  • English Player One(英語玩家)
  • Speaking with Confidence(說英文,沒在怕)
  • Let's Chat in English(暢快說英語)
  • Speak Daily English Easily(日常英語輕鬆說)
Additionally, within each of the four modules, there are different themes, or topics, around which each course‘s curriculum is built. Each SENM student must choose two different module courses in two semesters according to their interests and needs. A variety of class activities such as discussions, role plays, and presentations is incorporated into the program to provide a more effective and productive learning environment for the students.