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Please email to elc@thu.edu.tw if you get any trouble to login.

Online English Assessment System

The Online English Assessment System (OEAS) currently offers a series of online English tests to give test-takers feedback about their English and help them to prepare for standardized tests on the market. Currently, the OEAS offers fifteen New TOEIC Listening and Reading mock tests (from March, 2018), ten GEPT-Intermediate Listening and Reading mock tests (from 2021), nine GEPT-High-Intermediate Listening and Reading mock tests (from 2021), six IELTS mock tests, and six TOEFL iBT mock tests (from 2019). More tests will be available online.

To log in, students can use their student number as both the username and the password, whereas teachers use the THU-NID for both. (ex. THU-NID: s12345678, PW: s12345678)

FUNDAY Online English Education

Use a wide-view in learning and master the general structure of the entire learning material. Practice for detail with precise steps. This is what FUNDAY emphasizes as "Wide Reading" and "Fine Reading". Learn new knowledge and accumulate single words, strengthen the concept of grammar, improve listening and reading ability, and build up English ability.

To log in: there are 8 seats. Pick one which is availabe to access. (2022/6/27-2023/6/30)
Operation Manual (Chinese version only)

Studio Classroom Web English (by the Tunghai Library in 2018)

Including workplace, language learning, traveling, science news English.

On-campus: use THU IP to login
Off-campus: access from the Library System (圖書館電子資源整合查詢系統) and then use IP to login.

Online Audio English Learning Magazine (by the Tunghai Library in 2021)

  1. A+ English 空中美語
  2. ABC Interactive English 互動英語
  3. Advanced 彭蒙惠英語
  4. ALL+ 互動英語
  5. CNN Interactive English 互動英語
  6. English 4U 活用空中美語
  7. English Digest 實用空中美語
  8. Live 互動英語
  9. 一張圖搞懂
  10. Let's Talk in English 大家說英語
  11. Joy to the World 佳音英語世界雜誌
  12. Studio Classroom 空中英語教室
  13. English Island 英語島
  14. Hello! English 英語學習誌
  15. Ivy League Enjoy English 常春藤生活英語雜誌
  16. Ivy League Analytical English 常春藤解析英語雜誌


Students and full-time teachers can log in using the Tunghai username and password as the username and password.
Part-time teachers can log in using ID No. and Tunghai password as the username and password.