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Question [Placement] What should I do if my student number does not appear on the placement result list or my student number appears on more than one class list?
Answer Go to see the FENM program assistant in the ELC office (LAN106).
Question [Course] I’ve received the certificate of FENM/SENM manual add, but what should I do if my teacher cannot find my student number on her list?
Answer Ask the teacher to go to see the FENM program assistant in the ELC office (LAN106). Or ask the teacher to check the system one or two days later. The system needs time to synchronize.
Question [Course] Is it possible to change my FENM class?
Answer FENM classes are set at levels according to the results of the placement exam at the beginning of the school year. If you have problems adjusting to your teacher’s style or the level of the class, ask your teacher what options are available. If you feel your level is not appropriate, as the teacher what you can do to catch up with the rest of class, or to give you extra assignments to challenge your mind.
Question [Placement] What should I do if I missed the placement exam?
Answer Go to see the FENM program assistant in the ELC office (LAN106) and ask for the make-up placement exam time. Students without the score of the placement exam cannot take FENM course. The ELC will hold one placement exam every semester.
Question [Course] What do l need to pay for in FENM class?
Answer You will have to pay for your textbooks, books, copy fees, and any activities that your class might plan.
Question [Exam] What should I do if I missed a Midterm or Final Exam?
Answer Make sure your teacher knows you will miss the exam before the appointed exam time. Turn in evidence of your reason for missing the exam (medical or family emergency) to your teacher as soon as possible. Teachers have to sign on the paper of the make-up exam application form. You have to complete the process in time to take the make-up exam.
Question [Exam] What should I do if I am sick or have a family emergency and cannot submit the make-up exam application form in advance?
Answer Make sure to get proof of your reason for absence. If you know in advance, tell your teacher and show him/her your evidence, such as a receipt from the doctor or the medical clinic on campus. In case of a family emergency, try to let your teacher know first.
Question [Exam] How can I apply for mid-term or final exam make-up test?
Answer For mid-term exam, please refer to https://elc.thu.edu.tw/web/news/detail.php?cid=15&id=49;
For final exam, please refer to 
Question [Course] Will I pass the class if I pass the exam and fail the in-class grade?
Answer NO. Please refer to https://elc.thu.edu.tw/web/page/page.php?scid=37&sid=41.
Question [Course] Where can I get extra help if I think I’m failing?
Answer Your teacher can give you some advice. Students tend to fail due to poor attendance or missing assignments, or might have problems passing exams. If you think you are in danger of failing the class, talk to your teacher immediately and ask for advice on how to improve. Don’t wait until it’s too late!
Question [Course] What should I do if I fail the FENM/SENM class?
Answer If you fail the FENM/SENM in fall or spring semester, you can retake the regular course in another school year, or attend summer course.
Question [SENM Module] What are the differences between SENM Modular courses and the current SENM courses? What are the features of SENM Modules?
Answer The current SENM courses use the same textbook (Top Notch 3) with a unified syllabus, and some students seem to be less motivated in English learning. In order to increase students’ learning interests, the English Language Center proposes four modules in this reform project: English for Multiculturalism, English for Presentation and Public Speaking, English for Career and Profession, and English for Daily Communication. SENM Modules provide diverse course subjects which allow students to choose the courses that suit their interests and enable teachers to enhance teaching and learning efficiency with their own expertise and experiences. In addition, current SENM courses are year-based and taught by one teacher for two semesters; on the other hand, SENM Modules are semester-based that enable students to choose two different modules in two semesters to improve their English proficiency in different ways.
Question [SENM Module] What SENM modular courses are available in the Fall semester of 2019?
Answer The English Language Center plans to offer four modular courses-- Multiculturalism, Presentation and Public Speaking, Career and Profession, as well as Daily Communication, to suit students’ English learning needs according to the results of the surveys on each college. There will be 30 SENM modular courses offered by the English Language Center in the fall semester of 2019.
Question [SENM Module] How does the English Language Center develop these SENM modular courses?
Answer The English Language Center has grouped the teachers into four module-based teams.  Teachers sign up for different modules according to their personal expertise and teaching experiences. Members of each module are expected to meet regularly in the spring semester of 2019 to draft the contents of the modular courses and develop the syllabuses and teaching objectives. The courses will be available for students to take in the fall semester of 2019 after the course proposals are submitted to and approved by the ELC Curriculum Planning and Review Committee (CPRC).
Question [SENM Module] How can students tell the difference between SENM modular courses and the current SENM when registering?
Answer Since SENM is a required course, the course title of modular courses still need to indicate that it is ‘Sophomore English.’ However, names of different modules will be shown as well, like ‘Sophomore English-Multiculturalism’, ‘Sophomore English-Presentation and Public Speaking’…etc. The detailed course description will be offered in the syllabus. During the first registration period, the teachers who teach FENM courses are also required to remind their students to pay more attention to the contents of the SENM syllabuses.
Question [SENM Module] Do the students know the planning of SENM Models?
Answer At present most of the students have not been widely aware of SENM Models, so Freshman English teachers have to inform them of relevant information in the spring semester of 2019. The English Language Center will declare the planning and course contents of SENM Modules by posting relevant message on its official website and make a school-wide announcement to make sure every student know about it.
Question [SENM Module] Do the courses of the same module have common contents and syllabus?
Answer There is no common contents or syllabus for the courses of the same module, but the teachers of the same module will meet regularly to have mutual exchange of opinion in course contents, teaching methods and in-class activities.
Question [SENM Module] Do the courses of the same module use common evaluation standards and grading criteria?
Answer Yes, courses under the same module will use common evaluation standards and grading criteria. Teachers in the same group will discuss the evaluation standards and grading criteria according to the core objectives of their module. As to the midterm and final exams, the teachers can evaluate and discuss about whether it is practical to take the unified exams or not. If the teachers decide not to take the unified exams, they have to propose feasible alternatives.
Question [SENM Module] In addition to the current unified midterm and final exams, are there other possible assessments?
Answer The teachers in the same group can, in consideration of the modular objectives and features, design diverse methods of assessments, such as written assignments, individual or group presentations, role play (dialogue, drama, and interview), etc. In addition, the teachers can also conduct classroom observation, arrange interviews and have their students collect the data of the course for learning portfolios. However, with regard to fair and objective assessment, the courses in the same module should use common grading criteria and rating scale.
Question [SENM Module] Is the class size of a modular course the same as the current SENM course?
Answer Yes. The class size of a modular course is the same as the current course, with a total of 25 students in a class.
Question [SENM Module] Is the teaching schedule of a modular course the same as the current SENM course?
Answer Yes. The teaching schedule of the modular courses in 2019 is still the same as the current SENM course.