• About ELC

The English Language Center at Tunghai University was established in August, 2008 under the College of Arts. The Director, faculty, and staff members oversee the university-wide English courses to enhance the English proficiency and global perspective of all THU members.

Currently, the Center has 22 full-time and nearly 50 part-time faculty members offering Freshman English for Non-English Majors (FENM), Sophomore English (SENM), Non-English Majors Electives, and Pre-FENM Courses. In addition, the Center organizes and hosts various campus-wide English contests and tests.

The future development of the Center focuses on 1) establishing a variety of new English programs in the tradition of whole-English instruction; 2) improving English learning resources for self-access ; and 3) implementing English proficiency assessments for THU students, faculty, and staff members.


 Year (Academic Year)


2022 (111 AY) All SENM courses are semester-based starting from 111 AY. Students have to take two different SENM module courses in different semesters.
2020 (109 AY) Modularization of all SENM courses, starting from 109 AY.
2017 (105 AY) Cancellation of the “Second Foreign Language Selection” policy, starting from 106 AY.

2015 (104 AY)

FENM & SENM credits change: FENM from 2-2 to 3-3; SENM from 1-1 to 2-2, starting from 104 AY. 

 2012 (101 AY)

SENM is the required courses from 101 AY, the credits is 1-1.

 2008 (97 AY)

The English Language Center was established.


Academic Year


2022- Dr. Henk Vynckier
馮翰士 教授
2018-2022 Dr. Shun-long Chen
陳順龍 副教授
2017-2018 Dr. Jeng-Jia Luo
羅正佳 副教授
2015-2017 Dr. Jun-min Kuo
郭俊銘 副教授


Dr. Li-chiung Yang
楊麗瓊 教授


Dr. James Sims
幸雅各 教授


Dr. Jung-Han Chen
陳中漢 副教授