【Exam】The Procedures for Leave of Absence from School and Make-up Freshman English Midterm Exam

  1. Fill out the form in the Online Student Leave System.
    1. New leave application form: both start and end dates are April 13 (Saturday), 2024.
    2. Content of application form
      1. Class date
        1. Choose "April 15 (Monday)" for date of absence if the class date is April 15 (Monday), 2024.
        2. Choose "April 15 (Tuesday)" for date of absence if the class date is April 16 (Tuesday), 2024.
      2. Click "Exam or not- Midterm Exam"
      3. Click "Save the data"
  2. Obtain approval from the instructor.
  3. The make-up Freshman English midterm exam will be held by the ELC, according to the list of student leave sent from the Student Assistance Division.
  4. The ELC office will send out notification to student' tMail about details of the make-up Freshman English midterm exam by Monday, April 15 (24:00), 2024.