[Recruitment] 2019 Fall Overseas Contract-Based Full-time Lecturer Position

Poster:Jenny TsengPost date:2018-10-16

Position Announcement: Overseas Contract-based Lecturer – The English Language Center,

Tunghai University


The English Language Center of Tunghai University invites applications for an overseas contract-based faculty position, at the rank of Lecturer. The appointment will be in effect from September 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 (10-month contract).




1.     M.A. or Ph.D. in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, English Literature, or a related field;

2.     Extensive experience in ESL/EFL teaching and administrative tasks preferred;

3.     Native English-speaking teacher is needed.




1.     Teach Freshman/Sophomore English and elective courses

2.     Teach 12 hours per week

3.     Complete assigned administrative tasks and English-learning activities

4.     Actively participate in committee work, program advancement, and professional development groups



Extra Benefit:

1.     Plane ticket reimbursement: maximum NT$30,000

2.     Housing subsidy: maximum NT$8,000 * 10 months

3.     Chinese class subsidy: maximum NT36,000 * 2 semesters



Application Materials:

1.   Personal Information Form (Print the attached Word document and send it to elc@thu.edu.tw) ;

2.   CV Form (Please use the attached form which in provided by ELC);

3.   Photocopies of MA/Ph.D. diploma and transcript (Foreign diplomas need to be certified). If you haven’t received the MA/Ph.D. diploma yet, please provide official documentation of passing the thesis/dissertation oral defense;

4.    A course syllabus for one of the courses you can offer;

5.    Lecturer’s Certificate issued by Taiwan Ministry of Education (M.O.E.) or photocopies of other relevant documents (if applicable);

6.    Two letters of recommendation;

7.    A 7-minute self-introductory video. Make sure to address the following: 1) your background information, 2) how much you know about the English programs in the ELC, and 3) how well your expertise, experience and teaching style would fit into the program. (send us a DVD)


Mailing address and Deadline:

All application materials MUST be mailed to:

Personnel Office, PO. Box 5-990, Taichung, Taiwan 40799, R.O.C. and be postmarked no later than January 18, 2019.

Please write “Application for English Language Center Overseas Contract-Based Faculty” on the envelope.



Contact information:

For further information, please contact Ms. Jenny Tseng via e-mail or by phone during office hours:

Office hours: 08:00-12:00 & 13:30-17:00 (Mon. – Fri.)

E-mail: elc@thu.edu.tw     Tel: +886-4-23590121 Ext. 31900     Fax: +886-4-2359-0232

Website: http://elc.thu.edu.tw



1.    Print out all the materials in A4 size and staple in the upper left corner. No plastic binding or spiral binding.

2.    A notice will be sent to shortlisted applicants for next reviews. Please provide an e-mail address and phone numbers where you can be reached.

3.    If the information is incomplete, your application will not be accepted

4.    Application materials will not be returned. Please keep the original draft yourself.

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